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Okay…so you have your copy of John Taglieri’s “NOW” and are ready to share it with the world! How exciting would it be if instead of referring your friends to a site to purchase the CD YOU became their personal salesperson! You can even make a profit from this venture!

We are offering two ways for you to participate in this program. You can either purchase the CD’s from us and THEN sell them. This would work well if you are selling locally to friends, family and co-workers. Or you can sell the CD’s, send us the information on the buyer and we’ll send them the CD and incur the shipping costs. This works well if you want to send out an email to your online friends and get them hooked on John’s music!

Now onto the profit end of it. We will sell you the CD for $10.00. YOU should sell the CD to people for $13.00. This gives you a $3.00 profit per CD! How’s that for an easy way to make some extra money!?!

1.) Purchase the CD’s directly from us.
If you would like to use this method of ordering you need to Paypal (http://www.paypal.com ) JohnMac@LeapDogMusic.com $10.00 per copy of “Half and Half” that you are ordering. You can order one copy, ten copies, one hundred copies, any amount you want this way, just as long as you place the order on Paypal and send the $10.00 per copy to JohnMac@LeapDogMusic.com . Once you get the CD’s you can sell them for $13.00 a piece and make $3.00 per CD pure profit!

2.) Sell the CD’s and then send us the information and money.
If you would like to use this method of ordering you can forward all the information on your buyer to and we’ll get you answers!


For Questions Contact The Tag Team