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Well, you've already taken the first step by joining the Tag Team! This is the best resource for finding ways to promote John Taglieri and his music.

There are several ways that you can promote John, some of which are listed in the menu to the left. Things like the CD Rep Program or the Assistant Tour Manager Program are great ways to help out and get the word spread about John. The Flyer Programs are also great ways to get the word out to many people.

But there are other ways also.
- Word Of Mouth -
Just Talk it up! You all know other people who love music and if they do, then there is a good chance that they might like John. Bring it up in conversation and let them know that you dig his music. If they are your friends, they might trust your opinion enough to check it out! Talk to everyone you can...friends, family, co-workers, fellow concert goers...anyone who will listen.

- Merchandise -
Are you wearing your John Taglieri apparel every time you go to a music related event? Well, why not? Hit the Leap Dog Music Store off the John Taglieri website and get some. Then wear it proudly for all to see. And if anyone asks a question about who's on your chest, you can turn them onto the man and the music!

Do you have a coffee mug at work? Why not use a JT mug instead? This way when you are at a meeting and someone asks you about the mug, it's another opportunity to spread the word.

Do you have a car? IS there a JT sticker on the back of it?? Why not be a driving billboard for John and his music!

Click here to get all your John Taglieri Merchandise!!

- CD Samplers -
Have a CD burner?? Make some samplers of John's music for your friends and family that you think will like it. Take 2-4 of your favorite JT songs and share them!! Make sure to have John's name and website address on the samplers so that they will know where to go when they fall in love with the music tool! 

There are many ways to promote. Anytime you can get John's name out in public is a plus and will help the cause! So get on out there and get promoting!

The Tag Team


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