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Promotional Flyers and Posters!!

Well, here ya go! Flyers are the easiest way to promote John & His music. Below are flyers for both CD promotion and Tour Dates. Feel free to make as many copies as you want and distribute them anywhere you think.

Good places to distribute the flyers are at concerts of similar artists where you think the fans will dig JT's music, record stores, coffee shops...anywhere that will let you post something about John's music.

There is also a "Pull Tab" flyer available. This is a flyer where you cut the bottom pieces so that folks can simply pull each tab off. You can hang these in grocery stores, supermarkets, anywhere that has a public bulletin board that will let you hang stuff. This way folks can pull the tab with the website address and take it home so they dont forget!

We are also placing John's current promotional Posters on this page, so feel free to download them, pass them out, hang them on your bedroom wall, or bring them to shows for John to sign for ya!

Simply click on the poster or flyer you want and then click "save as" and save it to your harddrive.

Make sure that you obey local laws and respect businesses before you hang a poster. Some towns do not allow posters on public property and we'd hate to see you do all that work only to have it torn down. Make sure you ask a business or record store manager BEFORE hanging anything. This way noone gets angry and nothing gets taken down...again, ruining the hard work you are doing and portraying John's name in a negative light.

A good way to customize them is to insert them into a Word Document as a backgroud picture. Format it to sit behind the text. Then type whatever text you need to as far as date, venue, etc right into them! Then print away!

Tour Poster

Tour Poster

Color Tour Poster

Pull Tab Flyer